Grips - cork

Portuguese cork fishing rod grips

This collection of fishing rod building supplies provide you with cork options for your custom fishing rod. Cork is an excellent material for fishing rod grips. It is very light, easy to shape and install and does not absorb or carry water. Cork also transmits vibrations very well giving you more sensitivity in your rod. Our whole cork collection is imported directly from Portugal and offers excellent quality cork.

There are many cheap suppliers of cork however low grade cork is found heavily pitted, and filler is used to cover these pits. Over time the filler falls out leaving you with an unsightly grip. This can be resolved with re applying the filler but its only a matter of time until the filler falls out again.

Higher quality cork have less "pit's" or imperfections, requiring little filler if any at all. This means that the feeling of the cork in your hand is much smoother, sensitive and the cork will last a long time if cared for appropriately.

Cork rings are very popular for custom rod builders wanting something a little different, unique and create patterns within their rod grips. Natural cork rings can be added together with rubberised cork rings, burled cork rings and some custom rod builders combine cork with EVA for an attractive contrasting effect.

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