Reel seats

ALPS reel seats

The single largest centre piece on your rod building project is and always will be the reel seat. This collection of fishing rod reel seats is exclusively produced by ALPS, this is what ALPS is most famous for - mouth watering reel seats. For many years ALPS has been leading the industry with some amazing reel seat designs which are stylish, practical and reliable.

ALPS alloy reel seats are made form marine grade alloy, CNC machined and then polished and anodised to produce an amazing finish that is something very special. The alloy real seats are generally used for medium to heavy line classes as they offer excellent strength compared to the reel seat weight.

For ultra light rods most custom rod builders choose carbon reel seats due the compact small and light weight nature. Examples are for Spin is the new RPD reel seat and the AGC for bait cast applications. Bother of these reel seats can be installed with an integrated 'rotating grip' that means you turn your rod grip to tighten or loosen the reel seat nut. For more information see our "handle kit accessories" collection and purchase a sleeve nut to suit your reel seta (R SLN). There is also information in that section about how these rotating gip systems are assembled. 

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