Rod butts


ALPS Fishing rod butts

This collection of fishing rod components cover the bottom end of your rod building project. The rod butt can add a great deal of aesthetic appeal and also functionality. Building a custom fishing rod gives you the choice to determine to most practical butt for your application.

Light weight rods generally are suited to the BP DBE, CECB Cork, BC HEABC and the BPA. The most popular of the light weight rod butts is the BP DBE, otherwise know as the ALPS deluxe DBE butt cap. This is available with a carbon fibre option which looks fantastic and we have a range of trim rings in out "handle kits accessories" that are designed to match the ALPS deluxe DBE butt cap with carbon (BP DBE CWG). The DBE and the HEABC both have a rubber ring around the outside edge of the butt cap which provides protection for your rod when you stand it up against hard surfaces.

For heavier rods you may like to consider some of our gimbal options. The traditional AXG is a stylish Alloy gimbal, suited perfectly for rod holders and gimbal belts. The ALPS GRC gimbal has the curved end, assisting the gimbal stay in the belt and offering some relief for the anglers groin in the event that a gimbal is not available.

If you are looking for a lightweight gimbal that works in rod holders and gimbal belts that is also relatively comfortable without a belt you may like to consider the ALPS GRC rubber gimbal. This gimbal is very functional and can look quite smart when dressed with some trim accessories (see the 'Handle kit accessories" collection)

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