Fishing rod guide technology - ALPS

ALPS have been manufacturing high quality rod components since 1985. The ALPS products are distinctive by their functional and attractive designs and the quality workmanship apparent in each product that comes out of the factory door. As a result, ALPS have a strong following domestically and abroad.

Innovation and evolution have become the culture at ALPS. Recent examples of the innovation at ALPS are the CAH ultra light reel seats, AGC range of high modulus graphite exposed reel seats and the new XN, MXN and LXN guide designs and more recently the iF, DY and LF series guides.

Key features of ALPS guides:
  • Available in S6 (SS316 stainless steel) and Titanium.

  • S6 frames have been tested using the strenuous ASTM-B117 salt spray testing. The result have been outstanding with the S6 (SS316) frames having 3 times the corrosion resistance of the SS304 frames

  • Pre ground plated feet for easier wrapping.

  • Superior ring/frame bonding process to ensure rings do not pop out - careful matching of ring shape to guide adhesion point in combination with proprietary bonding agent.

  • ALPS have designed a tumbling process that strengthens the bond between the ring and the frame surface, improving longevity, and further reducing pop-outs.

ALPS guide features

 Superior ring strength and protection -ALPS “INTERLOCK” design features:

  • Deep pressing - Deep pressed frames provide superior mechanincal protection for rings by rolling the frame around the centre ring for mechanical protection and security

  • Shape matching - Rolled frame shapes are carefully cupped and matched to the shape of the ring, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection

  • Greater bonding - As a result of the shape matching process the bonding area has increased by over 300% to improve adhesion and ring security

  • Fusing agent - proprietary bonding agent that fuses rings & guides together


Superb corrosion resistance:

  • 29 years of R&D in developing corrosion protection
  • ALPS use the ASTM-B117 standard for continuous saltwater spray test to mimick a harsh environment to guarantee quality
  • S-6 (SS316) Frames deliver 3 times the corrosion resistance of SS304 frames


Benefits of the ALPS corrosion fighting system:

  1. Last longer in harsh salt water environments
  2. Lighter guides including “ultra light” range
  3. Improved rod action and performance from lighter gauge guide frames
  4. Crisper rod performance, satisfied fisherman

Premium products, flawless finish:

  • ISO 9000 accredited, ensuring that quality is built into every production process
  • Proprietary tumbling process to ensure each product has a flawless finish


ALPS Titanium frame guides



Premium ceramic rings:

  • ALPS offer premium Zirconium Carbide and Silicon Carbide rings on premium guides and tips, as well as traditional Hard Aluminium Oxide and Titanium Carbide
  • Zirconium rings remain the most popular choice for anglers - why?
    • Zirconium offers similar hardness to Silicon Carbide rings
    • Zirconium is much less brittle and therefore more robust than Silicon Carbide
    • Zirconium offers excellent heat dissipation and a very low friction coefficient
    • Zirconium rings offer much better value for money than Silicon Carbide