Tools, epoxy & adhesives

Custom rod building supplies - Tools, epoxy and adhesives

These are tools and supplies that you will rely on to bring your custom fishing rod to a successful conclusion.

The Crystal Clear coat rod finishing epoxy has built its reputation on being very easy to work with as it will cure in hot and cold conditions. Bubbles are easy to remove by applying a little heat, it has good pot life and is very good at behaving itself when you are trying to get the shape you are after.

If you are looking for a lighter build then you can add 5 -10% of isopropanol alcohol, this acts to thin out the mixture and also gives you a longer pot life. The maximum of this isopropanol that can be added is 30%. Play around with different levels until you find the consistency that is just right for you. Please bear in mind that this addition would be added after you have already measured the correct amounts of part A and Part B. As with all epoxies it is critical to mix accurate levels of each part A & B for a solid cure.

The handle kit epoxy gel is another product that was specially designed for rod building in mind. This has a gel consistency so when you apply it to your blank and you are placing your reel seat onto the blank the gel does not run or fall off the blank. The gel is very strong and does and excellent job at securing handle kits.


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