Rod building thread

Fishing rod building thread 

Choosing the right thread is very important in creating the desired finish in a rod. A good thread is one that firstly has the colour and texture that you desire, one that does not fluff easily which can damage your epoxy work. You are also looking for threads with good strength so that you don't pop the thread during a bind. 

We carry two brands of rod building thread - "ALPS" and "Threads"

ALPS thread comes in three categories, A size nylon, C size nylon and A size metallic thread. The ALPS nylon threads have been treated with colour preserver so you don't need to treat your binds with colour preserver. Colour preserver protects the thread colour from fading over time with the effects of the UV radiation.

"Threads" is a very nice thread which has become popular with custom rod builders. This brand is currently stocked in C size thread in 450 metre spools. This thread is very smooth and easy to work with, and has already been treated with colour preserver so there is no need for additional colour preserver treatments.

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