Exclusive Tackle:SCH Start up kit - Rod building start up kit
This kit has the tools, supplies, and instructional materials you need to start building and repairing custom rods. each kit contains the folllowing:
  • 4 Hand wrapper stands (SCH HR)
  • 1 Rod drying stand (RWM DM RS)
  • 1 Rod drying motor (RWM DM SA)
  • 2 Thread bobbins (SCH TB L)
  • 1 Basic tool kit (SCH Tooolkit)
  • 2 Finishing brushes (SCH Brush)
  • 10 Plastic measuring cups (PMC)
  • 2 Syringes (AD SYR)
  • Superior Finish tip adhesive (AD SFTA)
  • Superior Finish high build epoxy 150ml kit- (AD SFCCHB 150ml)
  • Superior Finish handle kit epoxy gel (AD SFHK 140)